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Warehouse For Sale

By providing basic contact information and space requirements, we will narrow down your search to the right For Lease or For Sale properties. We will personally contact you with you matched property profile.

What You Get

1. Personal Advantages – One on one representation and guidance from a commercial real estate broker

2. Experienced Brokers – 19 years of industrial and office brokerage experience

3. Quick Results – Initial surveys usually provided the same day

4. No endless searches – We are a one stop shop for locating available commercial property, we have premium access to all the major national databases combined with personal knowledge of your market. We are on the streets, familiar with your area.

5. Valuable Guidance – We will treat your sell, purchase or lease as if it is our own business at stake. Our goal is to insure you get the best deal on the property you need.

6. No Obligation – What so ever…

7. Free Assistance

Our fees are paid by Sellers and Landlords and we represent YOU.

Free Assistance Areas

1. Lease process guidelines – With 1000’s of leases under our belt, we are able to guide you thru all facets of the leasing process, from negotiation to execution.

2. Purchase process guidelines – As with leases, we also have handled 100’s of commercial sales transactions and we can hold our buyer’s hand from price negotiations to closing.

3. Property Summaries – Our available property summaries provide a map of the availabilities along with a description of each property.

4. In Depth Comparisons – We are able to create personal comparisons of the alternatives which allow our clients to make an educated decision.

5. Negotiation – We pride ourselves on our ability to get a deal done and think “outside the box”. This gives us a substantial advantage in negotiating leases and purchase agreements.

6. Inspection – We provide lists of qualified inspectors and personally inspect properties to make recommendations of additional licensed specialists to avoid missing major issues

7. Survey – A category 1-A survey is recommend for our clients and we will work with the Title Company and attorney to review each survey condition

8. Appraisal – With extensive knowledge of our market we work closely with appraisers to ensure the appraisal report is reflective of true market conditions.