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Warehouse Storage – How much space do I need?

April 10, 2017

When determining the amount of Warehouse Storage space required for your business, it is important to determine not only the amount of floor space required but also cubic capacity.  The maximum allocation of space should be use for the bulk of your business needs.  The next factor to consider in warehouse storage is clear height.  Several business will utilize a pallet racking system which is generally cheap, safe and a very efficient method of storage.  Another option for Warehouse storage is block storage, which is an even simpler and cheaper method than the pallet racking system.  The use of either system will help determine the overall requirement for warehouse floor space and ceiling height.

Other factors like fire protection (fire sprinkler systems), type of inventory being stored, product weight and required staging areas will also affect the warehouse space needed to operate a particular business.

See this link for storage tips  Storage tips – Video

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